Jon Gruden is the Newest Member of the $100 Million Club. Holy Moly.

Holy moly is right. $100 million dollars for a coach who hasn’t coached since 2002. That is 15 YEARS?!? Now, I have publically been a fan of Gruden. i Love him on MNF and the fact that he says each QB every week is his favorite in the league makes me laugh every single time. But $100 MIL is (spider 2 Y) bananaland crazy.  (Pretty original pun, right? You won’t find that anywhere else on the internet.)

The game has clearly changed in 15 years. The only things that has stayed the same is Tom Brady playing like he’s in his 20s and the Browns are searching for their quarterback.

Gruden does have some good weapons this time around on a Raiders team that Backup Quarterback’s very own expert (myself) boldly picked to go to the Super Bowl this season. It really takes a true man to raise his hand and admit such a hot take that has crashed and burned. Kudos to me.

What’s crazy about Gruden is that people (including myself) still consider him a great coach. He has created the public perception of being an elite coach in the NFL even without coaching for an entire lifetime of a junior in high school. Just because he yells some wacky things to some college quarterbacks and break down some plays once a week for 17 weeks of the year, fans (and the Raiders) still think he can coach.

I guess we will find out sure enough. Oakland Raiders: Super Bowl LIII Champions.

Here’s a video of Jon spitting some game to some Redskins cheerleaders. Hilarious.

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