ESPN Dropped the Ball Not Having This Kid in the Booth For the National Title Game

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WHNT) – Dozens of fans braved the rain and cold on Tuesday morning to welcome the Crimson Tide players back to Tuscaloosa. But even though the Tide took center stage, a young man in elementary school stole some of the limelight.

This kid’s name is Jackson Way and he is about to steal America’s heart. He is so genuine and passionate about Alabama football and I absolutely love it. He was interviewed by WHNT 19 News in Alabama for the Tide’s Championship Parade and rambled on for about 6 minutes. You can find the report here.

So here is my thought process, why doesn’t ESPN put kids like this in the booth? Not play-by-play or color commenting or anything, but just as an analyst? Just treat it similarly to when a station kicks it over to a former referee to analyze a challenged play on the field, but instead, you get Jackson watching the game from the booth with the most innocent and raw take you can possibly imagine. That is must-watch TV right there. I love this kid and wish nothing but the best for him. I hope he blows up and is recognized for the star he actually is.

PS. I know he is in Alabama so I am nervous that when he does become a star, the public finds out about his family’s history of potential slave trading or human trafficking or just plain ol’ racism. But until then, I am on the Jackson Way Hype Train.

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