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Rodney Hood Is a Family Man and Hates Cell Phones


Rodney Hood had himself a tough night at the office Wednesday. Not only did the Utah Jazz guard get ejected in the third quarter of a 107-104 victoryover the Wizards, but he was also fed up enough to smack a phone straight of a fan’s hand on his way to the locker room in Washington, D.C.

Hood was tossed from the game after relentlessly arguing with referee Tony Brothers, who handed the 25-year-old two technicals to send him to the showers early.

I know, at first, that this may come off as a pissed off basketball player reacting to being ejected by destroying a paying customer’s property and people have every right to be outraged. I have seen people questioning whether he should be suspended or fined in any way because of this behavior.

People. People. People. You are looking at this all wrong. Rodney Hood wasn’t smacking that man’s phone because he was upset. He was smacking it because he, like many, is a fan of the Netflix show Black Mirror and just watched the episode with the Social Media scores. (For those of you that haven’t seen it, your social media score is how society treats you and everyone is obsessed with their phones)

Hood is clearly not a fan of the direction that this society is heading and wants to do his part to make sure people aren’t just staring at their phones when they are spending quality time with their family. We have all seen the commercials or heard our mothers yell at us for not talking through face to face interaction. We shouldn’t rely on technology to make sure we have a good time and thanks to Rodney Hood, that man will now have the opportunity to enjoy life first hand rather than through a screen.

Thanks Rodney Hood. You are the hero we all need, but not the hero we deserve.

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