The Old “Extend Your Coach Then Fire Him” Routine

Those tweets are literally less than 14 hours apart. What a roller coaster. The very vanilla Mike Mularkey was the future of the Tennessee Titans and then, POOF, he gone.

You have to feel for Mularkey though. I don’t care who you are, when you think you have a stable future in your job by your boss telling you that you are his guy, it is human nature to gain some self confidence. But then, when you wake up the very next day, your career is crashing and burning. I’m sure he will pick himself up and go on to be a coordinator somewhere, but it still sucks for him and his family to move their whole life yet again.

As for the Titans, this must mean they think they are going to land Josh McDaniels. Why else would you pull this Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde move? The Colts were considered the heavy favorites to land McDaniels but now that the Titans have thrown their hat into the ring, there seems to be a lot less certainty. One of the biggest prizes that franchises use to lure a new head coach is a young, talented quarterback. These two franchises each have just that, but in different circumstances. Luck has been considered one of the best talents in the game, but might not ever be healthy again. Mariota is a young, hot arm himself but not as talented as a healthy Luck. It will be a very interesting race to the Josh McDaniels finish line.

Side Note: How degrading would that feel? You win a playoff game as a head coach then move on to be the OC for the worst team in NFL history. What a dark, dark place Mike would be in if that happens.


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