The Referees Had Money on the Patriots Yesterday

As I am sure you now know, the Patriots are yet again heading to the Super Bowl after another come from behind win, this time against the Jaguars. The Jags seemed to be in perfect position to somehow go into Foxboro and walk right through the Patriots on their way to their first Super Bowl appearance, but Tom Terrific did his usual and by throwing for a million yards in the 4th quarter with half of a hand.

Trust me, I grew up with a dad who is a Miami Dolphins fan and I cannot think of one person, that I have ever personally met, that hates ANYTHING more than my dad hates Tom Brady. He once told me with a straight face that he would spend years in jail and not care to see me grow up in order to run Tom Brady over with his van. So hating Tom Brady and the Patriots is in my blood. But you have to just sit back and laugh at this point right?

Did the thought of the Jags pulling this out actually creep into my head? Yes. Did I ever think it was actually going to happen? No way, Jose. The Pats are going to win every Super Bowl that Tom is healthy for until he retires and that is just a fact.

But it is a tough one to swallow if you are a Patriot hater. The refs only called one single penalty on the Patriots yesterday. One. And scrolling through Twitter will have you questioning things as well….

Not the best look if you’re the referees here. Any questionable call down the stretch went the Pats way. Stars will always get the benefit of the doubt and that is just another scientific fact. But just throw us Patriot haters a bone here. A Blake Bortles vs Nick Foles Super Bowl would’ve been hilarious and the refs did their part to take that away from us.

PS: For those of you who don’t think superstars get favored by refs, here is a conversation between Michael Jordan and a referee that sounds like a grandpa talking to his favorite grandson.

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