For Some Inconceivable Reason, The Hamilton Tiger Cats Did Not Sign Johnny Manziel

The deadline has passed for Johnny Manziel to sign with any Canadian Football League organization. And Johnny seems to care as much as you would think he would.

So Johnny doesn’t care, but I doubt he was the reason that a deal did not happen. Johnny wants to get back in football. He wants to come in and receive the key to Canada and get out. Canadian Johnny would be electric.

Who the hell would even consider watching some friendly boys up north throw around the ol’ pigskin once in awhile? But you drop in Johnny Football and I would seriously debate buying a Manziel jersey. If you’re Bridgeport, what reasons do you have to not bring him on? Maybe they have no spots and their roster and they are too deep to release anyone.

Screen Shot 2018-01-31 at 9.59.33 PM

Oh that’s it then. They can’t disrupt their 6-12 season from last year. I’m sure that 6-12 team is filling their stadium to the brim and it is overflowing with opportunities to market their team to all sorts of football fans around the world. So who really needs Johnny?

PS: I need the XFL to rid of their “no criminal record” rule. Xtreme Johnny Football would be a show-stopper.

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