Colton’s Super Bowl LII Prop Bet Guide

Super Bowl LII is upon us and gamblers are gearing up for what can be considered the biggest single sports gambling event of the calendar year. Money will be made and hearts will be broken after the Pats and Eagles face off. Thankfully for you guys, I am here to guide you through the game and realize that the real money is to be made in proposition bets.

What are proposition bets, you ask? We they are commonly shortened to prop bets and they are the bets that you can place on whether an action during the game will happen or not, outside of the final result. There can be upwards to 100 prop bets available for you, but I will just give you the winners that will help pay my college debt. So without further adieu, here are my my wagers that will kick off my venture to the “Next Richest Man in America” title.

1. Will anyone other than Brady or Foles take a snap?

Now, when I first saw this, I figured it would come down to whether either QB got injured during the game. But then I thought of that dreaded wildcat formation, direct snaps and other trick plays that these coaches can have up their sleeve in their last attempt to walk away from this long season as victors.

Colton’s Official Selection: No (-140)

2. Who will the SB MVP mention first in his post-game speech?

There are a few possible options on this one. Every now and then you hear the shout out to the OG Jesus Christ and some people are even soft enough to thank their families (gag). But I suspect the Pats to take this game pretty easily and they will ride the back of TB12 and Tomboy will walk away with another SB MVP. Tom is literally a Patriot robot and Belichick has programmed him to be team, team, team.

Colton’s Official Selection: Teammates (+200)

3. What color will Belichick’s shit be?

This is an absolute wildcard. Bill is known for having amazing fashion and a trend setter throughout the league. He has the ability to look good for the camera outside of football but when it comes to game time, he looks like a homeless man somehow stumbled in off of the street without security spotting him. His scissor job on some of his sweatshirts take not giving a shit to a whole new level. Hell, he may not even wear a shirt during the Super Bowl.

Colton’s Official Selection: Grey (+140)


4. What will be P!nk’s hair color during the National Anthem?

P!nk is someone that can walk out to any performance with any colored hair and nobody would be surprised. Blue, green, orange, who knows? This may be the only time to actually acknowledge a different color in 2018. I do think she will come out as blonde, as she did at the Grammy’s, because she is setting a standard for being motherly and going along with the natural, strong women’s movement sweeping the nation, but there is not money to be made on that assumption.

Colton’s Official Selection: Pink/Red (+400)

5. Will Justin Timberlake wear a hat at the beginning of his halftime performance?

I think JT is going to come on a blow the doors off of this great nation of ours. He is in the top tier of my man crushes and that is because he is good at literally everything he does. Music (check). Dancing (check). Beat boxing (check). Acting (check). Being funny (check). Golf (check). He is a man’s man and I love him. I am not ashamed to say that.

Colton’s Official Selection: No (+110)


6. Who will be the first team to punt?

Now this is easy. The Eagles showed in the NFC Championship game that they have the mental ability to come out slow out of the gates. I think that they will keep that in mind and know that they cannot be flat-footed to start this game. So if the Eagles win the toss and take the ball, then they will drive down the field as if NE was a middle school JV team. But, if the Pats win the toss, they will for sure give the ball to Philly. And then boom, we are right back to the other scenario.

Colton’s Official Selection: Patriots (+130)

7. What will be the color of the Gatorade shower from the winning team?

This may be the most famous prop bet each year. People do research on this every year to create these odds but it is an actual crap shoot. I have no idea who chooses the color of Gatorade on the sidelines but I would assume that they have different flavors up and down the sidelines. Like a Willy Wonka factory of Gatorade for players. By the way, this is the only bet that I have not one, but TWO selections.

Colton’s Official Selection: Red (+330) AND Clear/Water (+330)


8. Will the opening coin toss land heads or tails?

I am not sure why I put this at the end when it is one of the first things to happen. Honestly, it is because I forgot it and did not do much organizing for this. But, to follow the tail as old as time: Tails Never Fails.

Colton’s Official Selection: Tails (-110)



And by the way…

Colton’s Official Selection: Patriots (-4.5)

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