I Don’t Think I Have Ever Hated An Adolescent As Much As That Kid From Last Night’s Halftime Show

JT brought the house down last night. And that is a fact. He is incredible and handsome and funny and charming and a great actor and a great dancer. I’m not blushing, your blushing.

But seriously, Justin showed how incredible of a performer he is. He ran literally hundreds of yards, while singing and tearing up the field with his dancing. Do you know how much cardio it takes to get ready for that? I was out of breath the other day because I told a story for almost two minutes straight. I actually had to sit down because I was light-headed. But JT was out there performing for the world.

One guy that stole the show was this “Selfie Kid”.

Timberlake literally went unto the crowd and finished the show with the fans, specifically this kid. He had absolutely no idea who the hell he was watching.

He has no idea that JT is a living legend and may be the most talented person who currently walks this ENTIRE planet. He has more talent in his pinky than this little kid has in his entire spoiled little body.

I would be crying my eyes out if this kid and myself were to switch places. Crying Jordan Meme + Crying Sanjaya Fan = Colton Meeting JT.

Justin. I know you’re reading this. I love you. And great job last night.

-Love, your BFF Colton

PS: Here is the full performance if you are a loser and haven’t seen it yet.

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