Steve Kerr Giving Coaching Duties to His Players Only To Be Rewarded With a 46 Point Victory is Mind Boggling

You have to respect the amount of disrespect the Warriors gave the Suns last night. They are so good that Steve Kerr just said “fuck it” and gave the coaching duties to the players. This sounds like something that Kerr and the rest of the coaching staff came up when they cracked open a couple of beers after their recent win against the Spurs. I can see it now..

The Warriors win. The press comes into the locker room, does their thing and leaves. The players have their meeting with the coaching staff and then they head home and the coaches have one last meeting to get ready for their next game before they head home themselves. They look at the schedule. “Ha! We just cruised against the Spurs and now we have the Suns?!? Why even gameplan? Wouldn’t it be funny if we just didn’t do anything and just let the players do literally whatever they want?”

Fast forward to last night and holy balls was that brutal. The Phoenix Suns, a real National Basketball League team, tried as hard as they possibly could for a majority of that game and after the first quarter, it seemed as if I were watching the Warriors play a JV high school team. They were doing whatever they pleased, whenever they pleased.

Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at 12.02.11 AM.png

I’m no basketball expert, but these numbers aren’t too shabby.

If anyone seriously thinks down in the deepest pits of their heart that anyone is going to beat this Warriors team in a Best-Of-7 series then they should be banned from watching sports. “Yeah, but what if LeBron goes off and beats them like he did last time?” The Warriors didn’t have KD and an extra two years of comradery that time like they do now. There is -1,992,154% of them losing a series if healthy. That’s not just my opinion, that is just a mathematical fact.

PS: I loooooove Swaggy P on the Warriors. I can’t get enough. Garbage time Swaggy is king and the Warriors give us plenty of chances to watch the man in action.

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