Nobody Has Ever Walked the Walk More Than This Canadian Curler

Curling 360 no scope from sports

How can you not love curling? It has gotten hot in the streets the past few olympics and I think its because it seems likes a sport that every single person watching thinks they can be good at. You always here things like, “If you give me 6 months of training, I can be so good at curling.” Well I am here to tell you that those people are wrong. Curling is so goddamn hard. Just try to get down in the position that this guy is in, but do it on dry land. It is impossible. IF, and that is a big if there, you can do it, that is only half the battle. Getting up from that jaguar-like crouch runs the risk of your hamstring ripping completely off. And if all of that happens and you get up and still have your hammy intact, then you will be sore for days.

All of that being said, this Canadian’s 360 has to be the curling version of a windmill dunk over a defender in basketball. They show the women’s team supporting him and almost half of them HAD to fall in love with this guy. “Damn.. I never realized how sexy Mike is… I wonder if he has plans for dinner tonight..?” Huge fan of this Canadian team now. Huge.

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