Mets GM Sandy Alderson Believes Tim Tebow Will Play In the MLB

Can you imagine the Tebowmania that would unravel if this became true? A Tim Tebow home run ball would go for around $1 million. That is just a guess, but it came from my gut and it felt good.

From what I’ve seen, Tebow does not have many baseball skills that translate to the majors and his fundamentals are horrendous. His diving plays, the way he slides into bases, just the way he looks on deck. They all don’t seem to fit and they certainly don’t work for actual Major League Baseball.

All that being said, Tim Tebow will make it to the majors. But I was raised Catholic and even attended some fine Catholic institutions throughout my life and I would be a fool if I would bet against the Son of the Lord. Jesus was in his 30s when he began his miracles and alas, Tebow sure is in his 30s. Coincidence? I think not.

I can’t imagine all of the blogs that people wrote about Christ back in the day talking about his miracles. Whether or not Jesus was a hack or the real deal. Dead or not? Jesus was hot in the streets, and now its Tim’s turn.

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