Kansas City Chiefs’ Lineman Laurent Duvernay-Tardif To Finish Medical School and Wants M.D. On the Back of His Jersey

This is so cool. Lately, adding “Sr.” or “Jr.” has been hot in the streets in the NFL.


I think the Sr on the back of the jersey thing is so goddamn dumb. Congratulations on having sex and then bragging about it every single game. So many people have kids and nobody goes by “Sr.” that isn’t a complete asshole.

Bragging about having kids is lame as shit, but bragging about being a doctor is so fucking cool. That is the coolest brag of all time. Imagine the trash talking in the scrums on the O-Line. If anyone talks shit, you can just sit back and realize that not only are you bigger than everyone, but you are smarter than every single person on the field. Don’t believe me? Look at the back of the jersey.

That jersey would fly off the shelves so fast that it might spontaneously combust. I think that’s how the science behind it works, but I am no scientist.


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