Kobe Bryant Makes His Biggest Claim to the GOAT Throne, Winning an Oscar

Who’s the GOAT? You hear this argument non-stop in sports talk today. You hear lists and stats that can support any player’s camps. “Michael never lost an NBA Finals”, “LeBron has been to a million straight NBA Finals”, “Wilt was the most dominant player in history”. I am no basketball expert, or an expert in anything really, but these stats seem cute, but let’s see the hardware that actually matters, The Oscar.

Kobe said after he walked off that stage that he felt better than when he won a Championship, and I do actually believe him.  Kobe was naturally gifted in the sport of basketball and worked harder than anybody in history at mastering his craft and forming parts of his game to become the legend he is today. Growing up, he pictured himself winning these championships and MVPs. But if you go back in time and tell high school Kobe that he was going to win an Oscar for a movie that he helped make, he would probably laugh in your face and then probably dunk on you. Young Kobe had no respect.

How pissed are you if you’re Shaq? The odds on the Oscar race had to lean towards Shaq, right? Kazaam seemed like the beginning to an Oscar-Worthy acting career. You came up short here, Mr. O’Neal. And that has to stink.


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