Tiger Finishes 1 Shot Off Lead, But Holy Shit, He Is Back.

Goddamnit. Tiger Woods was almost legally pronounced dead a year ago. His back was falling apart and a fusion surgery was making every Tiger fan girl (myself) nervous that he may never play the sport of golf ever again. Tiger himself was popping painkillers and getting pulled over by police. It was dark, dark times in the Tiger Kingdom.

Fast forward to March 11th, 2018 and Tiger Woods is walking up to the 18th tee on Sunday of a PGA Event needing a birdie to move to a playoff. He played it safe and hit an iron to hit his final fairway of the week. It may have been too safe, but it still gave Tiger a chance at birdie on his final hole.

How did he keep it so close you ask? Well, he showed that he still has a little bit of that Tiger Magic he used to throw around like it was going out of style. He made myself, and 99% of golf fans watching scream like a toddler at this one million foot putt.

Do you understand how much that made it move for me? I was questioning my sexuality because I was feeling emotions for Tiger that I have never felt or a single woman so far in my life. But after that putt at 17, I felt that feeling that I haven’t felt in a looooooong time….


Is there any doubt in your mind? Maybe. If only there were a certain sports personality that could clear this up for us.

Thanks, Skip.

PS: Paul Casey won. Who the fuck cares?


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