Jake Arrieta Joins the Philadelphia Phillies on a 3 Year, $75 Million Deal

Jake deserves this money. He really does. He helped the Cubs fast forward their process a year or two and even gave Cubs fans the most electric second half of pitching that the game has ever seen. He started Wild Card and NLCS games and brought some stuff that was so nasty that it should be illegal.

It started to creep into my mind that the lack of interest on the market might force Jake to pull a Dexter Fowler and surprise the baseball world by just walking back into the Cubs facility. But nope.

As for the Phillies, I am not too sure where this leaves them now. With one of the deepest and most talented farm systems in baseball, they are still a few years away from contending and a three year deal with Arrieta seems like it makes him an glorified innings eater over everything. The Phillies have the money to throw at Bryce Harper next season, so maybe this is a move to make the team one step closer to becoming a sexy free agent destination. All will tell in time.

Thank you, Jake. Thank you for everything. Enjoy Philly and enjoy making your millions.

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