Minor League Baseball Adapts the California Rule: Extra Innings Will Start With a Runner On 2nd Base With No Outs

The old California rule. The rule that says extra innings will begin with a runner on 2nd base with no outs in order to speed up the pace of play. That runner does not affect the ERA of the pitcher and is treated as if he reached base on an error.

This is exciting for minor league baseball. Some baseball purists might say that the game isn’t meant to be played this way and it is unfair for the pitcher to come into a new inning under pressure immediately. Just look at these mentions on the Twitter dot com.

So many angry old white people acting like this is going to affect Game 7 of the World Series. Just give this a week and people will forget that it even happened. How many people actually watch minor league baseball on TV all summer? It won’t affect the MLB and it just makes a game more exciting for the fans in the stadium that day. Just constant drama where just one bad pitch can change the lead or even give a team a walk-off victory. It’s great.

This is a business and the MLB wants their minor league affiliates to give their fans an entertaining product on the field. So those people who are freaking out have no idea what the hell their talking about and probably only watch one or two minor league baseball games a season.

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