I Wish The Brewers Sandlot Video Wasn’t As Good As It Actually Is

In case you haven’t seen it, the Milwaukee Brewers created and released a video recreating one of the most famous scenes from the greatest movie in the history of cinema. When I first saw that they did this on Twitter dot com, I was hesitant to watch it because athletes are terrible actors and their performances are always cringeworthy. But once in awhile, a team can fall ass backwards into some content that sometimes can actually be presentable… and this is that time.

Being a Cubs fan living in Milwaukee, it blows how good this video is. Every fake baseball fan and their dog have come up to me asking if I’ve seen it and asked if I was getting nervous about the Brewers this year. Well, eat shit Brewers fans. This video was so damn good and accurate to the movie, but Brewers fans are only fans two or three times during the summer and that is when they are drunk as a skunk in the parking lot and stumble into Miller Park to watch the Brewers get spanked by literally the entire National League.

All that being said, I love when teams do this kind of stuff. It shows that a team is loose and get along which is needed in baseball. The season is a 162 game grind where a season can come down to a single game, so staying loose is usually key to success. But the Brewers will finish .500 because their rotation is disgusting. Chase Anderson… As an ACE? Ha. That’s cute, Brewers. That’s cute.

Make all the videos you want. You’ll have plenty of time in October and beyond.

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