What You Need To Know About the Alliance of American Football

There is a new dog on the block to challenge the XFL: The Alliance of American Football.

Led by Dick Ebersol’s son Charlie and Bill Polian, the AAF is going to be a league that focuses on the lifestyle and treatment of players and fans. Players will get things like win bonuses, stat bonuses and even something called “fan engagement bonuses”. The season will kick off a week after the Super Bowl and will give football fans more of the sport that they crave during the NFL Offseason.

Here are some details that we currently know:

  • CBS will be the league’s broadcasting partner.
  • There will be 8 teams consisting of a 50-man roster.
  • Cities will be announced within the next few months.
  • Each stadium will offer lower concession prices for fans.
  • There will be no kickoffs or extra points.
  • Teams must attempt a two point conversion after touchdowns.
  • 30-second play clock.
  • Players with a criminal record are allowed to play.

Cool news for football fans. There will be more information coming out in the next few months, but it seems like there are some developmental leagues that could produce some good NFL players in the future.

PS: I still do not believe this is Troy Polamalu.

Screen Shot 2018-03-20 at 2.41.46 PM.png

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