If You Ever Think Life Isn’t Fair, Check Out This Actual, Real NHL Goal

Wow. Fuck that. These are the kinds of highlights that cause young kids and old elderly alike to stop liking the sport of hockey. Not only that, but this is the kind of thing to make a man doubt the existence of God.

There was nothing Cam Ward could do here. He had no idea what was on his skate and boom, all of a sudden, the other team had one more goal than they had the past few periods. Just think about being a security guard at a very expensive jewelry exhibit to only watch somebody walk out of the museum with the priceless jewel you swore to protect. You basically wore a condom, pulled out, AND she was on birth control, and of the 1 in 1,000,000,000 odds, you STILL had a baby.

I might show this GIF when I raise children one day. Life isn’t always fair. One second you think you are getting in great position for a shot, then you realize that you just scored an own goal in the NHL. “I don’t care that you had a bad day at 1st grade, it could have been worse. Quit being a baby.”

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