What Is the Title of the Number 1 March Madness Bracket on ESPN You Ask? “I Just Guessed”

The #1 Bracket on ESPN “I just guessed”. from sports

This could not be a more perfect representation of March Madness. It really sucks that Purdue lost because I wanted this bracket to win every bracket pool this year. I finally wanted a text to say what I have been thinking for years: “March Madness is literally 95% luck.”

Every single year, boyfriends lose bets to their girlfriends over this tournament. I, myself, have fallen victim to this stupid ass bet. I lost to my girlfriend a few years ago and I had to wear makeup to a date at the world famous Olive Garden. It may not seem terrible, but I can’t think of a single time that I have been more miserable.

The Final Four is so fucking lucky and when people act like they picked their Final Four with any sort of thought, I immediately stop listening to anything they say for the rest of their lives. If anybody picked South Carolina last year because they liked their defense, then that means that they are compulsive liars and are probably stealing from you.

So fuck anyone who says that their lucky ass bracket was on purpose. There is so much luck and injuries and coaching decisions and free throws that can completely shit all over your bracket. So good luck everyone. Nobody cares how bad your bracket it.

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