ICYMI: Ian Kinsler’s Stolen Base Shows How Much Spring Training Matters

For you casual baseball fans, this is Spring Training. The lack of care on the field is laugh out loud funny. Ian Kinsler himself had no idea what the hell was going on, but it ended up in a stolen base. The end of spring training is like studying for a test that you do not need to take.

“Hey Colton. You need a 15% on the final exam to pass the class.” So as I am taking the test, I realize that an entire section is based on a section of the course that I did not attend the lecture that covered it. ‘Oh, desired ROI will be covered on the Accounting exam? Sure. Who cares?’

Screen Shot 2018-03-27 at 2.35.19 AM.png

Ian Kinsler was probably hoping he got thrown out so he could just go back to the dugout and just chill on the  bench a little longer. This guy is a vet and there is no way he cares about stealing third base. The face above proves that. Spring training is too long and I can’t wait for the actual season to start.

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