The Vegas Golden Knights Are Officially A Stanley Cup Playoff Team, the First Expansion Playoff Team Since ’79-’80.

Okay everybody, here is the best sports story you aren’t paying attention to this calendar season: The Vegas Golden Knights are making the Stanley Cup Playoffs in their very first season in the NHL.

I really don’t think people understand how crazy this season is. The G-Knights were the best team in hockey for a small portion of the NHL Season. That, in of itself, is incomprehensible for sports fans to understand. I really do think that the fact that the Golden Knights play the sport of hockey hurts their marketing chances. Imagine if the NFL created a brand new team, added it to the league, and gave that team the players that the rest of the league didn’t want. Just rejects and young, high risk players please.

Well, that is exactly what this team has done. This Vegas team came into a new city, with brand new players who have never played together before and did not dress a single superstar. All of these ingredients would conjure the recipe for a team that was four to five years away from competing. But hey, life is funny sometimes.

These guys knew what was at stake. The city of Vegas was bumping and backed the brand new, Stanley Cup Playoff qualified Vegas Golden Knights. The only thing better than the Golden Knights this season was their social media team, and tonight, they did not let up.

Best of luck, Vegas. You will have my 100% support.

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