How Do You Expect To Grow The Great Sport of Curling When NBCSports Does This During the Finals?

You’ve got to BE FUCKING KIDDING ME NBC from Curling

Well that might be the worst mental defeat I have seen in a loooong time.

You may disagree immediately with the sentence above. But just think about the people who were watching this seriously. They were not on the edge of their seat for the World Series last year. They didn’t even know that the Super Bowl happened. March Madness? HA! Good one. That is for the Weak of the Winter. Curling fans are seriously ride or die.

This TV Broadcast made chuckles come out of my body because the first thing that I thought of was these people that I described. Imagine if the Super Bowl  LII was turned off when Tom Brady threw his Hail Mary to the end zone on 4th down at the end of the game (when Gronk almost caught it). TVs would be thrown off everything from balconies to private planes. It honestly might stop the world’s rotation.

Well, spoiler alert: Canada beat Sweden. Boom. You are immediately over it. You are also itching for more football. Don’t worry, I miss it too.

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