This Footage of Sand Koufax’s Perfect Makes Me Think I Can Throw a Perfect Game in the 60’s

It’s crazy how bad old footage actually looks right?

Sandy Koufax is considered one of the best left handed pitchers of all time. He has his fair share of amazing games, including a perfect game in 1965. The footage above is the only thing available to prove that Sandy faced and retired 27 straight batters.

Perfect games are maybe the most impressive things in sport. Literally just getting every single person out that comes up with nothing on his mind but NOT getting out. Just two people facing off doing exactly what they were put on this Earth to do, play baseball. One guy dedicates his whole life to hitting a baseball, while the other guy dedicates getting that first guy out.

It blows my mind that some people are dominant for one day that not a single person can reach base. BUT: this footage makes it look like I could keep a 3.50 ERA in the 60’s. Obviously Koufax is nasty and the 60’s were not ready for his stuff, but these batters are trash. I don’t think they’ve have a single film session. They probably didn’t even know the name of the pitcher until they turned their back to the plate during their wind up.

Much different time now. I’m not saying Koufax would struggle now. But, I am also not NOT saying that.

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