Shohei Ohtani Looks Good and Picks Up First Career Win on the Mound

The Japanese phenom Ohtani chalks up his first win in his first start as a Major League Baseball player. I am glad to see this. After an awful, awful, AWFUL spring training, the Angels decided to put Ohtani on the Opening Day roster.

I was nervous after that spring training that maybe he wasn’t ready right away and then who knows what happens to a man’s confidence after that. I want to see the Angels do the best they possibly can in order to see Mike Trout make a Postseason. He is the best player this league has seen since A-Rod came up and not a single marketing person can figure out how to market the shit out of him. Once Trout can dominate a Postseason run, hopefully all of this can change.

But back to Ohtani. He has some really good stuff. People forget that he has a 100 MPH in his arsenal. Just look at this at bat:

That’s awesome. It’s too bad that he can’t play in the NL and still hit some dingers while throwing 100 MPH. Congrats Shohei, hopefully more to come.

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