The Cubs Split a 4 Game Set With the Powerhouse Marlins


Could’ve been better. Could’ve been worse. The Cubs start the season at 2-2 as they split a 4 game series with the Marlins.

Lester and Quintana have both definitely looked better. Yu Darvish didn’t blow anybody away with his debut. The offense was streaky and missed out on a lot of opportunities, especially in the 17-inning game 2. All that being said, we are just one hit during any one of those chances in game 2 to be 3-1.

Ian Happ started the entire season off with a homerun and skinny Schwarber might hit 75 home runs this year. There really isn’t too much to add here. I will just be throwing my thoughts out there once in awhile this season in a very organized matter so I can stay sane.

We still have a top 5 rotation, top 5 lineup and a core that has still not hit their physical or mental peak. This team could have 7 guys hit 20 home runs this season. Let’s go. 2018 = HUGE year.

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