I am Still Thinking About Dennis Smith Jr’s Dunk Last Night

Mavs rookie Dennis Smith Jr. alley oops the ball to himself, pulling off one of the best dunks of the year from sports

People. Friends. Colleagues. Lend me your ears. There are a lot of good players in the NBA. Some may be scorers. Some may be defenders. And some are just freak athletes who make plays look one million times easier than they actually are. Dennis Smith Jr may be one of everything, but he is especially the last one.

This dunk is so impressive because when you really think about it, he is doing it against people whose entire life and career are based around trying to not allow him to do that one thing that he did. Players go through training and practice to make sure that they never get disrespected on a court like DSJ just did to them.

From the steal to the cocky dribble to the alley-oop to himself, this dunk just stuck to my mind and will stay there for the foreseeable future. This guy is going to figure out how to shoot and defend and will use his athleticism to be something in this league very, very soon.

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