The Cubs Take 3 of 4 at Wrigley North


The Cubs spent some time with little brother over the weekend and basically gave them noogies the whole time. Wrigley North was full of Cubbie blue and Cubs fans sat back and watched a real baseball team beat a bunch of pretenders.

The series started off with an ass-whooping in game 1 with the Cubs taking it 8-0. Their social media then started firing shots with this Tweet.

Game 2 brought the Cubs their only loss of the series. Kyle Hendricks looked really good and it seemed like the Cubs were going to stroll along and keep the sweep alive. Then, Hendricks made two bad pitches and gave up bombs to Thames and Shaw. The Cubs tied it up on this Little League home run by Javy.

Orlando Arcia walked it off in the 9th to give the Brewers the 5-4 victory.

Game 3 seemed like a snooze-fest until the bottom of the 8th. The Brewers got one to make it a 2-1 game. Turning to their closer, the Brewers seemed to be primed to take a 2-1 lead in this series. But then…

Big win for us. Darvish pitched very well and it’s nice to get that start out of the way. Everyone was always going to ask, “Why did we pay so much money for this guy?” until Darvish went out and made this start. He was sharp and struck 9 guys out. Great stuff to see from our three man.

Game 4 wrapped up the series with a shutout. Jose Quintana made his first good start of the season. The Brewers had no idea what to do up there.

That is our firth starter. FOURTH. Jose Quintana is a #1 on 10-11 Major League Baseball teams but Theo has built a stellar rotation where this guy is buried at the bottom. Great series and nice to see the Cubs put some runs on the board without Rizzo in the lineup for three of the four games with lower back stiffness.

This team will be fine. We are really good, really deep and the newly constructed bullpen is the best in the majors in this early part of the season.

Now we come home for the first time this season as the division leading Pirates come to Wrigley. Lets. Go.


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