The NHL Finally Does Something Right By Making Snoop Dogg the Face of the Stanley Cup Playoffs

So Snoop’s love for the game of hockey has been rising and rising the past few years. He has heavily supported his hometown LA Kings, but seems to just be a supporter of the game in general.

The NHL finally did something right and made Snoop Dogg the face of their Stanley Cup Playoffs Social Media Campaign. I can’t tell you how much I love this move. Hockey is a sport where the guys who are involved are very honest and genuine people. They will talk how they talk and may say some weird shit here or there. Former players and coaches can talk about the game in English and still sound like they are speaking a completely different language.

“Shit kicking”

“That kid’s a duster”

“You better turtle before you get your face smashed in”

“You fucking pigeon”

Every single one of those words belong in the English Dictionary, but non-hockey folk might as well be listening to Chinese. I grew up around hockey players so I only know a few terms here or there.

Snoop also sounds like he is speaking a whole different language. He is true to who he is and is brutally honest at times. If you put these two people side by side and give me the “Blind Resume” graphic, I’ll tell you they are the same person. So Snoop as a hockey guy is a no brainer.

These promos sort of seem forced, but I just love how genuine he can make anything sound.

First, congratulating the Caps.


Then the Preds.

The Jets got some love.

The new kids on the block weren’t forgotten either.

And finally, his hometown Kings.

This is great. One of the best Postseasons in sports with one of the best people on the planet. Everything this guy touches is must watch, from these dumb ass promos to his narration of Planet Earth. I’m a biiiiig Snoop guy. Huge.


Side Note: Ya boi has a little change on the Ducks, so lets see it happen…

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