Bryce Harper Hit a Bomb While Sawing His Bat in Half

Bryce Harper hits a broken bat HR from sports

Golllleeeeeeeyyyy that man is strong. I’m not a scientist but I’m pretty sure that a broken bat home run is harder to hit than a completely in tact bat home run. Something behind the physics of it all, but I won’t get into it, its too boring.

Bryce Harper is a man among boys early on this season. He is earning the right to push GMs this offseason into a spot where they have no choice but to pay the man. He’s leading baseball in home runs and now leading the league in broken bat home runs. They should count that as an extra home run in the scorebook. He basically had half of a bat up there and still hit it 400 feet. I really don’t know if I could hit a ball that far with 100 swings holding an aluminium bat. Honestly, the real test would be to see how many times I make contact with 100 swings, and that is coming from a guy who batted 3rd in his 7th grade summer ball league team. I was a big deal back then.

I only remember one other guy hitting a homerun with a broken bat and that was Frank Thomas. A guy that hit the shit out of baseballs so hard that people actually called him “The Big Hurt”, so just keep that in perspective. These guys hit the baseball harder than any of us could ever imagine.

Can’t wait for several broken bat bombs landing in the Wrigley Baskets next season.

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