The Fact That I Put Money on the Ducks Hurts Me Even More After Seeing These San Jose Sharks Towels

Fire. Flame. This might be the greatest towel design I have ever seen. It hits everything that you want to see in any sort of giveaway. Something unique, check. Something nostalgic, check. Playoff relevance, check. I’m sure I am missing some other checkpoints, but you get the deal.

I put some cash down on the Ducks at +2000 before the Stanley Cup Playoffs started and holy shit do I look stupid as shit right now. Don’t worry everyone, I also got the Kings at +1900. I thought that these two teams had legitimate chances to make some noise and at those odds, I figured my bookie wanted to just give money away. But alas, fast forward to present day and my two moneymakers are a combined 0-6. Not a good look.

These Sharks towels are so fucking cool. If I am a Sharks fan and this is a t-shirt, you bet your ass I’d buy the shit out of it. It’s just a really good spin on a classic video game with perfect little subtle Shark in there. But let’s be clear, Game 4’s towel might top Game 3’s…

The Ducks are TOAST. Absolutely zero chance. Break out the goddamn broom. Great bet Colton, great bet.

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