The Vegas Golden Knights Are Incredible

In maybe the greatest sports story since James Naismith spread the word on his ol’ Peach Basket Ball game, the Vegas Golden Knights are even at 1-1 in the Western Conference Finals. Like, how the hell aren’t people more excited about this? When they win the Cup and Disney makes the movie years down the line, kids are going to watch it and say it seems too unrealistic to be believable. A team full of players that were told by their former team that they didn’t want to protect them. A goalie who helped his team win three Stanley Cups during his time there was told that he wasn’t wanted. A head coach that was screwed by his old team down in Florida after a historic season with the Panthers was shipped off. All of these rejects came together to form an absolute wagon.

Every step along the way people, myself included, kept saying, “Oh they can’t keep this up. Good for them. Thats cute.” But these boys just keep proving all of us wrong. They are now three wins away from bring in the Stanley Cup Final. Can you imagine being a fan of teams like the Maple Leafs (50 seasons since their last Final appearance), Blues (47 seasons), Islanders (33 seasons) and the Canadians (24 seasons) and watching the new kid on the block come on and play for the greatest trophy in sports in their first season? And in a city like Las Vegas, that must really piss off old hockey guys.

You bet your ass I’m rooting for a Golden Knights Stanley Cup. To be watching that movie with my kids and say, “Yeah I remember I was at this bar when that happened” is some stuff straight out of my dad’s mouth. I always thought my dad was so cool for that, so if I can gain some cool points with my kids in the future I will take it.

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