If You Don’t Know Who Jaren Johnston Is… You Really Should

So now that summer is creeping up on us, I’m listening to more and more country music. My roommate even made a kick ass playlist to jam and drink to all summer. Country music is best heard when you are sitting in the sun with an ice cold beer in your hand.

Every country fan has their people. Their guy. Their girl. People that top the charts or even people who aren’t as popular. Anyone that makes music that relates to people are what summer country is all about.

People that come to mind when it comes to summer country are names like: Jake Owen, Keith Urban, Tim McGraw among other huge names. But one cool thing that I came across is one man that is a big reason for their success: Jaren Johnston.

You might read that name and have no idea who the hell I’m talking about. That’s cool. I don’t blame you. Jaren is the lead singer for country band The Cadillac Three. Not only is he the lead singer for this amazingly underrated band, he is the brain behind many absolute bangers in the country world. I’m going to start naming some big songs he’s written, not just good songs that I like. Here we go:

Jake Owen

-American Country Love Song


-Good Company

-Days of Gold

Frankie Ballard

-It All Started With a Beer

-Sunshine and Wiskey

 Tim McGraw

-Meanwhile Back at Mamas

-Southern Girl

Keith Urban

-Raise Em Up

-You Gonna Fly

-Black Leather Jacket

Drake White

-Living the Dream

Billy Currington

 -Don’t It

He’s even written a ton of songs for Canada’s biggest country music star Dallas Smith.  Pretty much wrote half of his albums.

These are just what I can think of off the top of my head. The guy is unbelievable.  He’s a man among boys when it comes to writing country hits. A playlist of Jaren songs would be a perfect day drinking country playlist. I can go all day listing off every other song he has written that aren’t hits for Jake Owen, Frankie Ballard or Billy Currington. The dude is a living legend and nobody knows who the hell he is.

The Cadillac Three is an amazing band without the other songs that Johnston brought to the world. Check them out and check out Jaren’s songs from every big artist in the world. I love you Jaren. I know you’re a big fan of the blog.

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