Live From the 815 Episode 59 – CSN Chicago’s Chuck Garfien

What a great episode. We talk about Tiger Woods, THE Tiger Woods y’all, completing his comeback and winning his first tournament in forever. We recap the NFL, Sam is off of Trubisky but the Bears are still in first place. Colton is smashing the panic button on the Cubs and sounds like he doesn’t even want them to make the Postseason. CSN Chicago’s Chuck Garfien joins the show to talk about the rebuilds for the White Sox and Bulls and how he’s best friends with a certain former White Sox slugger who woreΒ #35Β (41:03-1:03:56). We finish with a Derrick Rose update and the birth of a brand spanking new segment: The Eminem Lyric of the Week.


Justin Rose’s FedEx Cup Win Will Be Forgotten For the Rest of Time

Yes. I woke up this morning and immediately looked at my phone to make sure that happened yesterday. Tiger Woods won a golf tournament in the year 2018. He looked great wire to wire and honestly he has looked good for months. He won comfortably and just coasted to the most anticlimactic tournament finish of the season and yet, the ENTIRE world tuned into CBS to watch Tiger stroll down the 18th fairway with that classic Tiger toothy smile and saw the absolute circus happening on the golf course behind him. The Tiger Effect is real… and it is spectacular.

This… happened in real life.

That looks like a scene that people dream of. That looks like a scene out of Happy Gilmore. That looks like a scene that real golf fans watch from Happy Gilmore and turn to their non-golf fan friends in the room and say, “That never happens’. In the world of golf, that was complete pandemonium. And my favorite part about it? The calm and cool vibe Tiger was sending out into the world. He could’ve been frowning because “it ain’t over till its over”, or even just been an ass about it and said something like, “Oh well this isn’t a major so this will only be a footnote on my career”. No. Tiger was enjoying every step of that walk as much as his fans around him. He knew how improbable this was. He understood how insane this sounded one year ago. That smile and swagger that he had was one of the coolest things I’ve ever watched as a sports fan.

I watched his final holes on Sunday at work. And folks, I have to be honest with you, I ran to the bathroom and cried when he made his final putt, turned to the crowd, and lifted his arms in the air. To me, that felt like a, “I can’t believe this is happening” moment for Tiger and the fact that he showed emotion and connected with his fans was so cool. Those are the kinds of things that make golf so special.

Now onto Justin Rose. He wins the FedEx Cup and a FAT payday. $10 MIL to be exact.. It keeps solidifying Rose as one of the best to play the game in our era. And in my eyes, this type of FedEx Cup victory could not be more Justin Rose. EVERY golf fan will tell you that Rose is incredible. He lurks around the top of the leaderboard in every major and is a constant threat. But he is never one of the very first guys I think of when I think “Who is the best golfer in the world?” Names like DJ, Jordan Spieth, Justin Thomas and Rory immediately pop into my head, but never Rose. And now, his first FedEx Cup victory will also not pop into people’s heads. He will be a trivia question at your bar’s trivia night for the sports section for years and years to come. “Even though Tiger Woods won the 2018 Tour Championship, who won the 2018 FedEx Cup?” Nobody will know.

Now onto the Ryder Cup and guys, my gut is telling me that the US is going to ROLL. This may be the bloodiest massacre between the US and Europe in history. I can’t even think of another example at this moment to be honest. The boys flew with Tiger to Paris after his win and Tiger made it clear that they were going to crack open a cold beverage or two.

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USA BABY. No chance we don’t bring that Cup home. America by 100.

Live From the 815 Episode 57 – Kyle Fuller and Randall Cobb Murdered Colton and Sam

Wow, what a roller coaster this episode. So much energy. We talk the electric Bears/Packers game, how the Cubs are choking and breaking Colton’s heart, Koepech not being able to pitch until our kids are in college and the nostalgia that the 2018-2019 Timberwolves gives to Sam. All this and more on LIVE FROM THE 815.

RIP Mac Miller.



Thoughts While Watching Soccer (Futbol) From Somebody Who Only Watches Every Four Years

Hello everybody, it sure has been awhile. I have taken a little two week hiatus from life and traveled across the world and ended up in the great country of Australia. I will blog a recap eventually but goddamn was it fun. But you best believe I am back and better than ever.

The time difference still has my body all sorts of messed up and honestly it might be for the better because so far, it seems to have made me a morning person. Before the trip, you would be lucky to find me alive before 10 AM if I’m not on the golf course. But now I’m waking up at 6 and 7 AM like its nothing and it is really making me feel like an adult.

Today I woke up around 7:30 and turned on the tube and as I turn it on and see it is still on FOX from the US Open coverage yesterday, I see that I am awake for the pre game coverage of the Argentina-Iceland World Cup Match (notice how I say match and not game, I am so cultured). So since I just had an entire two week span of trying new things, I decided to keep progressing as a new cultured badass and watch some World Cup.

I typically only watch the WC if the good ole US of A are in it and disappointing the nation more than any team has in my lifetime. I started this blog at the 30 minute mark in the first half so I have missed some goals and shit so we can just move on. I’m sorry, I’m not perfect okay?


Corner kicks are by far the coolest way to score. If you give me some sweet corner kick-to-header goal highlights then I will be on board with watching more highlights. They are by far the prettiest and most organized-looking goals. Other goals just seems like a ton of traffic and then a little luck to get open enough for the shot.


Messi had a handball. I’m not sure but do you have to feel like the biggest idiot on the field if you commit a handball? Its literally the number one rule that the entire world knows about the sport.


Extra time seems ridiculous to me. Is there somebody who actually keeps track of the time or is it just a guess that everybody accepts? It may sound like a dumb question but I want answers, damnit. I need to keep my traveled, cultured and knowledgable stigma about me.


Kate Abdo hosts the halftime show and I think I have found one of the most beautiful women in the history of mankind. Good lord. Her British accent and that deadly smile would cause me to sweat on the spot if I ever saw her in person. I mean, look at this goddess.



Some guy for Iceland was just sitting on the ground like he just woke up from a nap. At first I thought he was a huge pussy because he was calling for a trainer but then they showed a different camera angle and his ankle was swollen to the size of a small couch. I was hideous. So this guy went on a real roller coaster in terms of my opinion of him. Now he is an Icelandic warrior who might be having his foot cut off in the locker room as I type this.


Messi has a penalty kick.. BOOOO! How can you try to call yourself one of the best players in the world and blow this penalty kick? You NEED to close there. Isn’t the big thing about Messi that he can’t lead Argentina to any World Cup success? Homeboy looks like a child when just a day ago Rinaldo closed on three goals. I’ve always heard that Rinaldo just scores goals but Messi does everything on the field and therefore Messi is a better overall player but if you keep blowing these chances and Rinaldo keeps pulling hats out of his ass then you have to surrender all argument.



Messi misses a free kick. This guy is a choke artist.


The sign language from the referees is very crisp and intense and I have no choice but to respect them. In American sports, fans always say that the best refereed games are the ones where you don’t ever talk about the refs, so the fact that I’m talking about them here is a little different.


Guess what kids. Messi just missed another great chance to score. Shocker. If any of these chances were for his club team then they all go in and he probably has 45 goals this game. In my incorrect and unprofessional opinion, this guy does not have the national clutch jean.


Argentina has been the better team by far this game. Iceland has lived in their own defensive zone for about 40 full minutes. This would be a steal if Iceland can tie this game.


OH SHIT! The Iceland goalie just made a game-saving save. That was awesome. I’m so pumped right now. Iceland or die!!!


And just one more for good measure… Messi fucked up a free kick as the game ends. Damn this guy is a mouse who is scared of the big stage of the World Cup. Argentina will never win with Messi. He’s a clown.

Well that was actually awesome to watch. The underdog stayed strong and that badass Icelandic clap gets my blood pumping so I am officially on the Icelandic Bandwagon. The announcers just said that the country of Argentina has the same amount of registered soccer players as the entire population of the country of Iceland.

Go soccer.

Go Kate Abdo.


You All Over The Place Quez Baby

There’s nothing cooler to me than seeing someone who is out in the world doing something they’re passionate about. Whether it’s some lucky SOB who gets to play their favorite sport, musicians, or even someone who genuinely likes their full time job.

One of my friends landed a job at Honda Kawasaki working with motorcycle and dirt bike operations – not much of a motorcycle fanatic but this guy fucking loves motocross. He watched Disney’s OG, Motocrossed one time and was sold instantly; now I couldn’t be more ecstatic that he’s telling me he wakes up happy to go to work.

Nurses and teachers seem to love their jobs too. It has to be a rewarding feeling taking care of society’s medical needs, and molding the minds of youths. Getting summer vacation as an adult has to be a major selling point for teaching.

I’d say the hardest thing for me to adjust to, ya know being an adult and all, is not having a summer vacation. My sister got done last week and I’m thinking, “Great, you get three months of carefree-ness ahead of you while I’m sitting in an office when it’s 83 and there’s not a cloud in the sky.” We’ll eventually end up having the same amount of summer vacations so I can’t complain too much. What I’m getting at is

Scrolling through Instagram is always fun because people post shit about EVERYTHING. I dig pictures of puppies, new born babies are adorable, and seeing engagements are heart warming, but selfies and progress pictures are the absolute worst. Yeah, you’ve achieved summer 2K18 body status but it better not come with a mile long caption of how hard it is to stay motivated but hard work and perseverance will prevail. Duh, it’s exercising nobody wants to do it. You’re putting in work to stop your body from doing what it’s genetically designed to do.

One Instagram account I thoroughly enjoy seeing is my buddy from high school, Marquez {Quez} Beeks. Our lockers were hella close to each other all four years and I remember seeing him and then hearing him yell “YOU BETTER GET TO HOMEROOM MR BLAHUNKA!” Oh the good ol’ days, how we used to laugh.

Quez has been all over the map since graduation, six years ago. Not literally traveling the map but movin’ and groovin’ to his own beat. He started off playing some JUCO football at College of Dupage and then a couple more years at Fayetteville State. During his time away in North Carolina, he came up with a non-profit organization to help give back. Now, I recently saw a post that I should go listen to his newly released hit single on Spotify.

I slid in his DM’s and asked if I could hear his story on where he started and how he got to where he’s at now. I think it’s important for kids in high school, nearing the college mark of life, to be cognizant that the path they have paved is subject to change and life doesn’t follow the same agenda.

After graduation, he was all aboard the college athlete train. Started out in JUCO and worked his way up to playing D2 ball. Super athletic guy, he posted his speed and agility videos on Facebook that got me amped. I was ready to watch him catch a ball on the tail end of a back flip. With the help of his agent, Quez found himself in conversation with scouts from the Chicago Bears and Washington Redskins around the time of the draft.

“At the end of the day, it didn’t pan out but the whole process of being able to talk with NFL scouts was pretty dope.”

During his last semester of school, he came up with the idea for his non-profit organization, Touching Soles. His efforts started in his hometown of Rockford, at West Middle School, scattered throughout Illinois, and even in Miami for a minute. He attended a career day and gave away seven pairs of shoes and a couple of pairs at a local community center.

“I’ve always wanted to give back. That was one thing that I knew, whatever I did in life, I wanted to give back.”

Quez holds this as one of his highest priorities and has ambitions of starting a scholarship for students within the next five years. As for now, shoes ain’t cheap and all of them are coming out of his pocket so check out his site and donate to the betterment of mankind.

A couple weeks ago, I saw a post from Quez saying that he released his first single, Rock Out, and I can listen to it now on SoundCloud and Spotify… Damn, on Spotify? That’s legit – I use that shit everyday. Gave the song a gander and it was an instant vibe.

“I got the beat from a guy in London and I was sitting there listening to it and the lyrics just came to me. The whole thing with Rock Out is I just want to have a good time. I’ve got my crew behind me and we’re gonna rock out, that’s the vision. Team no sleep.”

Music video coming soon:

One of his big time motivators is, long time amigo, Fred VanVleet. They started playing basketball against each other around 5-6 years old and really began a friendship during their time at West Middle School. Growing up with someone and watching their dreams become a reality has to be a surreal feeling. Going from watching Lebron and Kobe games at 12 years old, to watching your homie square up with Lebron’s bitch ass is wild. #GoCeltics

Luke: “So you talk to Fred often?”
Quez: “Shit, I talk to him everyday. He’s on his way here now.”
Luke: “Seriously? Cool.”

Quez, it was truly a pleasure chatting with you and hearing your incredibly interesting story. You’re a role model to all and don’t stop grinding until you’re where you want to be. It’s a good story to hear because as much as you want to be able to plan every aspect of your life out, ya just can’t. Not 100% accurately, at least. Don’t let anyone stop you from pursuing what you want, follow your gut, and don’t be afraid to make a couple changes along the way.

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