Sergeant Buzzkill Reporting For Duty

So I’m extremely confident that I just stumbled upon one of the worst videos to ever be posted on social media… Watching it easily ranks in the top 5 most terrible experiences to happen in my life, amongst getting lost at Six Flags and having the cops called on me after I went through my neighbor’s garage to get my basketball that flew into their backyard.

I know it’s a bold accusation but I wholeheartedly believe it’s warranted. After finally getting through the whole video (because it took me a couple of tries to get myself to finish (that’s what she said)) I sat on my bed in disbelief, absolutely shook at what I had just witnessed.

“How could the internet betray me like this?” I muttered.

I was just casually scrolling through the Gram and I came across one of those blurred videos that said: “Sensitive Content”… I was thinking it could’ve been someone snapping their leg snowboarding, maybe a shark biting someone’s finger off, a penis… Idk, I would’ve taken any of those options if I knew what I was instead clicking on.

I wouldn’t have posted it if I didn’t want you to see for yourself but just know that it changes you as a person. (I recommend sound off)


Viewer Discretion Is Definitely Advised

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I’m always a praying and forgiving person and in this instance all I can do is pray for these people and have faith that one day we can all coexist but damn man This one hurt man 😢😖🥺 I can’t believe what i just watched ! I’m so sick of seeing these videos and people just getting a slap on the wrist ,bullshit fines ,and minimal sentencing! The laws need to change on the way animals are treated not just in America but around the world 🌎 I was on the fence of posting this video but I wouldn’t be who I am if I didn’t spread the message weather it’s good or bad ! I VOWED TO BE THE VOICE FOR THE VOICELESS….shut up for one second and listen to our friends “mans best friend” in this video! And let me know what you think below …. Sorry for the graphic nature 🤬 please share to help end the way animals are treated ! @karmagawa #dogs #dog #news #nbc #cnn #trump #kimkardashian #arianagrande #pitbull #animal

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If you aren’t extremely mad/sad/terrified/scarred/sobbing/etc, after seeing a portion of this video you might be clinically heartless. I hope I wasn’t underselling it prior but if you think I was, I’m not sorry that I have feelings and love dogs. Sue me.

I partially blame myself for not checking to see who posted the video before but this guy usually posts the most entertaining animal videos, like he’ll be swimming with tigers and chillin’ with monkeys and shit! Sure in the past he may have posted a similar “Sensitive Content” video of people poaching rhinos, but THEY WEREN’T THROWING DOGS IN A BOILING POT OF WATER OR LIGHTING THEM ON FIRE.

What purpose did that serve to post that, what mission was accomplished?! “I VOWED TO BE THE VOICE FOR THE VOICELESS!” What are we going to do, go to Asia and start a revolution? Sure, let’s caravan together and go stop a country of people from eating what they have been for the last probably ever. Maybe someone will start a GoFundMe page, or send over a boatload of chickens with a guy in a dog costume holding a Chick-fil-A “Eat Mor Chikin” sign. Idk, it’s just a thought – we’ll see what happens.

It’s like those people who would stand off Perryville near the mall with all those pictures of unborn babies in protest against abortions, exposing the ugly truths of fucked up situations isn’t going to do anything but kill whatever buzz someone has going for them.

I do apologize for probably ruining your night but I needed to release all of these emotions, and I exceeded my max characters for a tweet.

Montero DFA’d By Cubs

Miguel Montero was designated for assignment today by the Chicago Cubs. This move coming after Montero’s criticism of Jake Arrieta last night, should not come as a shock to anyone. 

After a 6-1 loss last night, Montero blamed Arrieta’s lack of concern for base runners for the 7 stolen bases last night. How can you blame the pitcher for stolen bases when Wilson Contreres has thrown out 9 of the 17 runners that have attempted to steal second while catching Jon Lester? Lester is famous for being unable to throw over to first. Contreres has also thrown out 3 of 14 while catching Arrieta this season. That one is not too good, I understand. But of the 30 total base runners that have attempted to swipe second on Montero, no matter who he’s catching, how many do you think he’s caught….? ZERO. This is more of a Montero problem than an Arrieta problem. 

This isn’t Montero’s first time expressing his frustrations to the media. Back in November, he complained to a radio station about how the team used him in the playoffs. He said that the playoff run wasn’t the same for him. He couldn’t enjoy it as much because the team disrespected him by underusing him. That is another thing that you fix internally, not talk about it with the media. 

I didn’t like how Montero handled it back in November, and I didn’t like how he handled it last night. Miggy, you aren’t producing enough to voice your opinion like this. You’re a catcher, you have to be able to throw people out. Me and you have thrown out the exact same amount of base runners this year. Shut the hell up and focus on your team. I’m glad Theo kicked you to the curb. Cut this incident out of the already struggling clubhouse. Negativity is the easiest way to divide a team, especially an underachieving one. Peace out Montero. 

Proof of Golf Gods on Display at Travlers Championship

Okay. I get it that some religions are monotheistic and preach that believing in other gods is a sin, but if you don’t believe in the golf gods, then you are just simply incorrect. The golf gods are responsible for millions of tears shed and countless days ruined. If you are a golfer then you know that you must respect the golf gods. You must replace your divot on the fairway, rake the bunkers and for the love of all humanity do NOT walk in anyone’s line. Break any of these unwritten rules of the game and the golf gods will make sure you suffer. Still don’t believe me about these gods? Well look no further than today’s finish at the Travlers Open.

Jordan Spieth defeated Daniel Burger on the first hole of the playoff by chipping in for a birdie from the green side bunker.

It was an incredible finish and really cool to watch live, but Spieth did everything he could to blow this tournament, but the golf gods said no. For some reason they were on his side today. He had tee shots go awry on 13 and 15 that could’ve easily bounced into the water. But instead they got held up in the rough by some miracle defying the laws of science. The shot at 13 was coming in incredibly hot and somehow caught the rough and settled after only one bounce. Then on 17, his approach shot came up shorter than Jordan anticipated and was inches away from finding yet another water hazard.

Eventually he made it through all of these close calls and forced a playoff with Burger only to absolutely yank his tee shot into a tree. His ball could have been thrown out of bounds, fell behind the tree or stay in the thick rough. Instead, that tree threw his ball right out into the fairway. He then put his shot in the green side bunker, and as I spoiled earlier, dunked that bad boy in for his 10th career victory.

<blockquote class=”twitter-video” data-lang=”en”><p lang=”en” dir=”ltr”>Jordan Spieth is not human <a href=””>#TravelersChampionship</a&gt; <a href=””>#FTW</a&gt; <a href=””></a></p>&mdash; Fore Play (@ForePlayPod) <a href=”″>June 25, 2017</a></blockquote>

If you don’t believe in the golf gods, then they will more than likely make you pay. They are harsh and do not care when or how they make their mark. They have ruined relationships and careers, but today, they were on Jordan’s side for some reason. And in their name, we pray. Amen.

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