Please God, Not Another Cavs vs. Warriors Championship

Imagining a life without sports is damn near close to a life without…. I’m honestly not sure what life would be like without sports. Probably not very good, and I’m willing to bet on that one {Cheers to legal sports betting}.

As much as I enjoy the sweet nothings of watching athletic events, I am what one could call a “Playoff Bandwagon Fan” for certain sports. Football and golf are easy to keep track of; football is a couple nights a week / all day Sunday thing for a couple of months, and yeah I might miss the Thursday and Friday rounds of golf tournaments, but the weekends are where it starts to get wild. Hockey, baseball, and basketball; no offense, but you’re going to have to let me know when playoffs start. There are too many games going on at all different times and it’s hard to keep up, mainly because I’m rocking the no cable life and my mom changed the locks so I can’t get in to watch them at her place. I do get updates on Twitter, so I’m not entirely out of the loop.. I’m just not dedicated enough to the cause I guess.

NHL playoffs are going on and they’re pretty exciting to watch. The Blackhawks aren’t involved in any way shape or form. They’re also very far away from being a Stanley Cup contender again, but playoff hockey is too entertaining not to watch.

I can’t be the only person who is going to be more than slightly upset if it’s a Cavaliers vs Warriors finals for the FOURTH. YEAR. IN. A. ROW!

The 2015 season was cool when the Warriors were the young guns on the block, taking home championships, and snatching the most wins in a season record from the Bulls.

We all remember 2016 when the Warriors blew a 3-1 series lead which led to some of the most comical pictures you will every come across.

Lebron also brought home his first ring for Cleveland, which made it an exciting and emotional year for him.

Alright, 2017, the year the tie is broken, who’s taking 2 out of 3? Golden State won, alright move on, let some of the other teams have a turn to play. No one wants to watch the same two teams play again, and again, and again, and one more time.

I have a problem with how repetitive it’s getting, I do not have a problem with the players. I have nothing but respect for any professional athlete. I’m sore for 3 days after a pick up game with my buddies and these guys are playing nearly every night of the week. I mean there are a few players that I don’t like, but they did it to themselves.

On the Warriors, I dislike Draymond Green and Zaza Pachulia. Why? Click on their name and find out, it won’t take you very long to see that they’re both big ol’ bags of dicks. They’re dirty players, and not in a Ron Artest way. They take cheap shots to try and take players out of the game, they’re clowns. For the rest of the team who I’m familiar with, I don’t have a problem with them. Curry and Durant seem like good guys who are both incredibly talented at basketball, and you can’t blame Durant for wanting to be a championship contender, because he wasn’t getting anywhere with OKC. And I’ve always liked Nick Young and that his nickname is Swaggy P.

The Jordan/Lebron conversation is one I don’t care to have because people are going to believe what they want and no one is going to convince them otherwise. They are both incredibly talented NBA legends and just being involved in the conversation of who is the GOAT speaks volume. Just let me know when Lebron gets to golf with Larry Bird and Bill Murray, drops a hole in one, plays basketball with the Looney Tunes, dabbles in minor league baseball, ALL AS THE STAR OF ONE OF THE GREATEST MOVIES OF EVERY 90’S BOYS LIFE! That’s all I’m going to say on the topic.

Slight detour, but now we’re back. Lebron is the only player on the Cavalier’s that I don’t care for. As a person, I bet he’s fine. His kids seem to like him, I heard he’s a charitable man, and he’s rich as fuuuuuuck. But as a basketball player, he’s the biggest flopping piece of shit to walk the face of this earth. Talented athlete, but still a lil’ bitch.

I wasn’t going to be mad if we saw the Bucks, or Timberpuppies, Raptors, or maybe the Jazz advance a little farther, it’s cool seeing the underdogs make a run. All aboard the Celtics and Rockets bandwagons, let’s make things interesting. I know Golden State is an overall powerhouse, but I still don’t understand how Cleveland makes it this far every year.

With the NHL Releasing Their New Jerseys, Here Are My Top 5 Sweaters in Hockey

So the NHL released their new Adidas jerseys for each team next season. There weren’t too many changes in design, logos or color schemes for any team. The most anticipated jersey of the night belonged to the brand spanking new Vegas Golden Knights (that’s right, they dropped the Las and are JUST the Vegas Golden Knights).

My first thoughts? Damn. It really could have been better. These are okay. I’d give it a solid C-.  It really didn’t make it move but I don’t think they’re ugly. Just average. I always feel that if I started a new sports franchise, I would make a statement with the uniforms. Slinging merch is what will popularize a new team and a sweet hockey jersey could have gotten the Knights off to a hot start. If we are in the trust tree, I haven’t been a fan of anything with the Golden Knights. The team name. The logo. The color scheme. And now the sweaters. This could have been a sweet opportunity for easy money for the very first professional sports franchise that hit Sin City. But alas, here we are with very average uniforms.

So as I was looking at these new jerseys, I realized that most of the teams that I root for have some sweet ass uniforms. These teams are usually the guys that I pick in NHL (or ‘chell as the kids call it) because of their sweet uni’s.

Now this list is just how I view it. Factors include: how they look when I play with them in NHL, how much I like their logo, if they have a cool secondary logo and how the color scheme catches my eye. So without further adu, as I know you are all on the edge of your seats, here are my top 5 sweaters in the NHL:

5. The New York Islanders

The Islanders rock a nice color scheme. I’m a huge fan of the Orange and Blue scheme, as you will see later in the list. I like the logo quite a bit. Not really sure why, but I just always remember playing NHL ’94 on Super Nintendo and seeing this logo and thinking it was sweet. They take the New York hockey logo crown from their neighbors, The New York Rangers.

Also this alternative logo is fire. These should be worn much much more. If I were an Islander fan, I’d rock one of these beauties all day, errry day. When it comes to jerseys of any sport, I’m a sucker for a logo that many people hate. I’ve seen plenty of heat on the internet for these sweaters and I just don’t get it. With some updated colors, this jersey would be amazing in the modern day NHL.

4. The Buffalo Sabres

Yet another kick ass logo. Just a simple buffalo hopping over two badass swords. They use yellow very well, not an easy color to make look good outside of the city of Pittsburgh.

If somebody told me that their Sunday Best was this white jersey, I wouldn’t think twice. I don’t think your allowed to wear these bad boys outside of a hockey arena because they will seriously start a fire. So hot.

Also side note: The Sabres DEFINITELY win the all-time award for changing to a better uniform. This logo stinks. Stinks so bad this it will water the eyes of the people around you on the bus.  Shoutout to Buffalo for getting rid of these wearable turds.

3. The Edmonton Oilers

And here we have the other orange and blue color scheme. I think these are classic and close to being perfect. One of my favorite in any sport. It had to be tough to create a popular Jersey with a nickname like the Oilers. Like imagine a brand new team now being named the Oilers, the internet would absolutely blow up. Very similar to the heat that the Curry 2’s got. People would lose their minds. But when a Mr. Wayne Gretzky came into town and put this sweater on the map, the unusual nickname went under the radar.

If I were a big hockey jersey guy, there is a 10,000% chance you would see me rocking this blue Oilers jersey. I can’t even count how many blue 99’s I’ve seen at local ice rinks. Great look. Great colors.

2. The Pittsburgh Penguins

The two-time defending Stanley Cup Champions come in here at #2. The logo alone might be a top 5 logo in all of sports. I think it’s so cool when a logo is an animal, but is portrayed playing that sport. Picking a penguin to be a mascot for an ice sport is such a no brainer, I can’t believe that no other ice animal has been introduced to an NHL team. The Vegas Polar Bears, with a logo of a polar bear either playing goalie or playing poker, would sell like hot cakes. I would buy the shit out of some Polar Bear merch.

A giant reason the Pens are up at two is because of their alternate jerseys. These two are more beautiful than about 98% of women that I have seen in real life. I’ve debated buying a blue one, but due to my fandom, I have held back. You bet your goddamn ass that I wear one of these two every time I get the Penguins on one of my randoms in NHL. If I see these jerseys being worn out on public, 10/10 times I go up to that person and compliment the shit out of them. Great way to make new friends, by the way.

1. The Chicago Blackhawks

Was there ever a doubt? Such a classic logo, and for good reason. The Blackhawks jerseys haven’t changed too drastically since they were one of the original squads. I’m not too sure why theirMative American logo doesn’t get scrutiny, but I’m not one to stir any pots. This sweater has alsways been towards the top of jersey sales since the beginning of time. I actually have a hooded jersey and I get at least one compliment every time I wear it. Just think how many many classic names that you can get on a Hawks jersey: Hull, Esposito, Roenick, Kane, Toews, Keith. All respectable choices.

This alternate is another one that could easily be a primary. It’s got such a classic hockey feel. Another choice that will have you swimming in compliments at bars. Real will always regocnize real out there.

After Wayne’s World, the Chicago Blackhawks logo became common knowledge in millions of homes, hockey fans or not. It’s not a mistake that Myers chose these sweaters to wear in one of his movies. It is atop of many hockey guys’ list for best unis in hockey. I just have to agree with those guys.

Honorable Mention: The Anaheim Mighty Ducks
How the hell do you change this logo? It is, without a doubt, the best logo in sports history. Just the perfect logo. So fucking cool. So relatable. So recognizable. With updated, more vibrant colors, these jerseys would be the top selling sweater year in and year out.

I still can’t believe, to this day, that they got rid of this. The Ducks have to win the “Anti-Buffalo Sabres Award”.  Their logo and unis now are so gross.

One of the worst logos in sports. Oh how the greats can fall. One of the dumbest non-player related moves I have ever seen any professional sports franchises do. Completely rediculous. I will always root against the Ducks unless they pay me money.

So that’s my rankings. I will definitely do more uniform rankings in the future. Thanks for making it this far. Sorry I’m such a bad writer/blogger. I’m just doing my best out here.

” “Do your best, forget the rest” -Tony Horton” -Colton St. Vincent

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