Here’s a Few Words on Last Night’s UFC 229

Holy shit kids. If you are reading this blow and you missed last night’s UFC 299, then I genuinely hope you were doing something very important because you missed the greatest television in the history of the world. It had everything. The buildup. The return of Conor. The reigning champ hating Conor to his core. And the actual fight was awesome. Lets start with the introductions.

That is showmanship folks. Whether you hate him or you love him, Conor McGregor knows how to entertain.

But lets get down to why I’m writing here. Khabib won the fight and was dominating basically the entire time. It seemed like he was in absolute control 85% of the time.

But then all hell broke loose.

Holy shit, AMIRITE?

Now, this is the time that the takes are going to be coming like hot cakes. “Khabib has no sportsmanship”, “He should go to jail for what he did”, “Where is the class? Conor wasn’t doing anything!”. Well folks, this is the reality of the situation. This is Ultimate Fighting. These guys beat the absolute shit out of each other for a professional living. They are two of the best in the world and may be two of the best of all time. Conor is a showman and will be the best person to choose if you want to entertain hundreds of thousands of people. And then, if you add his actual world-class fighting ability, then he is PERFECT for the UFC. Khabib on the other hand is a Russian maniac. He is a monster and at times during that fight, he was beating McGregor so bad that I was actually beginning to feel fear creep into my body, and I was just sitting on the couch in my apartment. Khabib had genuine hate for Conor and I think he wanted to kill him.

People may think that this has “no place in the sport” but those people can kick rocks. In my eyes, the UFC is just as much entertainment as it is an athletic specticle. That is why they do the weigh-ins and the press conferences and the media tours. This fight had a back story and context that no other fight in the history of the UFC and it led to the greatest television moment in the history of broadcasted fighting. That was crazy. I had zero breath in my body. I was on the edge of my seat AFTER I just watched grown men get their asses kicked. That is what the UFC is all about. Great fighting for entertainment.

I feel bad for any of you that missed that live, but holy shit was it cool.

Minor League Baseball Adapts the California Rule: Extra Innings Will Start With a Runner On 2nd Base With No Outs

The old California rule. The rule that says extra innings will begin with a runner on 2nd base with no outs in order to speed up the pace of play. That runner does not affect the ERA of the pitcher and is treated as if he reached base on an error.

This is exciting for minor league baseball. Some baseball purists might say that the game isn’t meant to be played this way and it is unfair for the pitcher to come into a new inning under pressure immediately. Just look at these mentions on the Twitter dot com.

So many angry old white people acting like this is going to affect Game 7 of the World Series. Just give this a week and people will forget that it even happened. How many people actually watch minor league baseball on TV all summer? It won’t affect the MLB and it just makes a game more exciting for the fans in the stadium that day. Just constant drama where just one bad pitch can change the lead or even give a team a walk-off victory. It’s great.

This is a business and the MLB wants their minor league affiliates to give their fans an entertaining product on the field. So those people who are freaking out have no idea what the hell their talking about and probably only watch one or two minor league baseball games a season.

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