Cubs Take 2 Out of 3 From Rockies Over 4/20 Weekend

A good weekend trip to Colorado for the boys. While the rest of the state was flying higher than the Rocky Mountains, the Cubs were smoking a little themselves. After taking two of three from the Rockies, they have now won 3 of 4 and could be putting together some momentum that could turn into the 10-game stretch needed to shut the critics’ mouths.

Game 1

Joe Maddon has been searching for the lineup that will jump start this Cubs’ offense and I think we are looking at just that, folks. This lineup is what will be moving the needle for Cubs fans all summer long. Almora is the only option we have right now to lead off games and the fact that this was the first time Almora/Baez led off a game this season is incredibly frustrating. And oh look… it worked…

And then any sort of Kyle Schwarber highlight that I can get my hands on will be put in every single blog I write. That is a promise folks.

Cubs Win 16-5

Game 2

Very cool story here. David Bote gets his chance at the show after Ben Zobrist lands on the DL. With his family in attendance, Bote comes up and fulfills his dream by driving one in the gap and ends up with his first major league hit in his home state of Colorado. The shot of his family, and specifically his dad, while they watch David’s first hit is just a classic feel-good baseball story that shows the pageantry of the game. Little stories like this aren’t seen as common in other sports, but you see about 10 of them a season in baseball.

Get used to seeing this. Almora might have won a 2018 Gold Glove over the weekend. Yes, I know its April but all you have to do is get on the voters’ radar with a few highlight reel plays in a short span and after that, every time you make a play for the rest of the season people will say, “Wow, Almora is making ANOTHER amazing catch?” Even though you haven’t made one in months.

Cubs Lose 5-2

Game 3

I’m telling you, I will get on my knees for Javy and Almora right now. Javy’s bat would melt steal beams and Almora could cover as much as an entire secondary in the NFL. These aren’t me over exaggerating, these are just facts.

Cubs Win 9-7

Some good wins this weekend. Like I said before, the Cubs have won 3 of 4 and now have a two game series in Cleveland followed by a four game set with the Brewers in Wrigley. We could make a big splash or poop the bed. Only one way to find out.

PS: One last Javy dick-stroke.

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